The Anonymous Pink Flyer Attacking Ron Nirenberg in District 8 Runoff

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Given the interest in yesterday's report on the anti-gay activities of San Antonio runoff candidate Rolando Briones, this post serves as a follow up. Below is the anonymous pink flyer that was mailed to some voters in San Antonio District 8 (with no disclaimer or reply-address).

If this did come from Briones camp, it certainly would fit a pattern of behavior. It's hard to look at this and not see gay-baiting at work. Of course, that's just one of a multitude of over-the-top associations (Bill Ayers!) and accusations.  But those really play a supporting role- all intended to make you wonder if Ron Nirenberg might just be too good looking, you know, because we all know what *that* means… to older voters in northwest San Antonio likely to vote in a June runoff.

Haven't we outgrown this in campaigns, yet?

The Express-News has endorsed Nirenberg. Early voting continues through next Tuesday, June 11 at these locations. Election Day is Saturday, June 15th.


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