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Randy Weber & Speaker Boehner Represent China Bondholders Not American Middle Class

by: Joe Deshotel

Mon May 13, 2013 at 01:00 PM CDT

The Republican Congress is at it again, casting votes that hurt average working families struggling to maintain their middle class status. If simply working harder or longer hours is what led to success in this country our middle class would be as strong as ever, but instead many are being crippled by slow economic growth, increasing wealth disparity and a Congress always for sale to the highest bidder. Following the lead of Speaker Boehner, Houston Congressman Randy Weber has been complicit in ensuring the deconstruction of America's middle class by putting Chinese bondholders over working families and decreasing what protections those working still have.

Weber voted for a Republican bill coyly titled, "Working Families Flexibility Act" that should have been more aptly called the, "Pay Working Families Less Act," because it undermines the 40 hour work, and makes it harder for workers to take advantage of the vacation days they earned. Instead of voting to increase the minimum wage, promoting fair pay, or ensuring fair scheduling practices, the purveyors of so called family values are doing just the opposite. According to the nonpartisan National Partnership for Women and Families, "The mis-named Act will mean a pay cut for workers without any guaranteed flexibility or time off" and also, "erodes the basic guarantees of the Fair Labor Standards Act: fair pay for overtime work and time off from work."

These policies promote the type of working conditions one might expect in countries who have lower standards for human rights, like China, and it may be no coincidence.

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Weber and Congressional Republicans also support paying China before our troops or elderly, because well promises we made to foreign communist governments are clearly more important than the one's we made to our own citizens. If anyone should get preferential treatment or be exempt from having earned entitlements furloughed it should be those who build our country to its current stature on the world stage and those who still fight to keep us there.

When the Bloomberg news organization asked Speaker Boehner to clarify if the vote is really meant to pay China first Speaker Boehner did not deny the allegations. "Listen. Those who have loaned us money, like in any other proceeding, if you will, court proceeding, the bondholders usually get paid first. Same thing here," When asked about the possible political ramifications he answered, "No. Not at all...I just think it's another tool that we can use to help impress upon the administration. If it comes to the point where they don't have enough money to pay all the bills, here is some order that we think is sound."

There you have it folks, sound political and fiscal policy from the top member of Congress. I know many Republicans make no distinguishment between people and corporations, but these actions are truly hurtful to real Texans who work hard to barely makes ends meet while politicians with excellent government pay and benefits brag about Texas leading in minimum wage job creation.  

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