House Calendars Deadlines Kills Two Anti-Gay Bills in Texas

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Tuesday night at midnight was a procedural deadline on the Calendars Committee for bills in the Texas House to be set for consideration before the full body. As of 12:01 AM yesterday morning, the failure to schedule HB 1568 and HB 360 resulted in both bills reaching the end of the road for this legislative session.

HB 1568, by Rep. Drew Springer of Muenster, attempted to punish the Pflugerville Independent School District for offering health insurance benefits to the unmarried partners of employees. During the legislative process, the bill was modified into an attempt to massively expand the powers of the State Attorney General by giving him the ability to shut down any school district, without an appeals process or oversight, as we previously reported.

HB 360 by Rep. Matt Krause of Fort Worth, also died last night. HB 360 would have prohibited universities from requiring that officially recognized school organizations abide by the universities' nondiscrimination policies.


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