Texas on the Brink: Sad State for Democracy

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Last week we discussed the Legislative Study Group's Texas on the Brink series. Today we take a look at some of the disheartening numbers about the health of our state's democracy included in the report.

First, to orient readers, this is what the population of Texas looks like since representation is supposed to be reflective of the public at large.

Evolving Demographics:

  • 12% of Texas residents are African American, 40% are Hispanic, 42% are White, and 7% are Other. (link)
  • There are 2.25 million children in immigrant families in Texas. (link)
  • 46,401 same-sex couples live in Texas, representing 7.2% of same-sex couples identified in the United States. There are approximately 431,095 LGBT workers who live in Texas. (link)
  • 64.7% of all Texas voters support allowing gay and lesbian couples to get a civil union and 68.8% of all Texas voters support gays/lesbians having the same legal rights with respect to their children. (link)

With a diverse population with diverse needs, is Texas keeping up its engagement with citizens when it comes to voting? Not so much. Here are some sobering stats from the report, ranked by state.

  • 47th- Women's Voter Registration
  • 51st- Women's Voter Turnout
  • 47th- Percent of Voting-Age Population Registered to Vote
  • 51st- Percent of Voting-Age Population that Votes

To read more about the real state of the state, click here to check out the rest of the report.  


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