Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman Posts Awful Tweet

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Barry Smitherman, a Perry appointee, is the Chair of the Texas Railroad Commission. Today, Smitherman made his views known on something having nothing to do with his office: Republicans voting yesterday to move gun control measures to a vote. Smitherman retweeted this image:

That's how much Smitherman hates the idea of…some more background checks before buying a gun. That's all that's left in the bill, which very well may not pass a vote. Smitherman's violent rhetoric is a disgrace to his office. ThinkProgress notes,

The original message that Smitherman retweeted originates with The Psychotic Scrivener, which has also posted messages like “…we have communists in control of Congress, and also a communist President, all just barking their heads off, snarling and foaming at the their mouths like rabid dogs – wanting to rip into our Bill of Rights and tear them to shreds.”

That's the kind of mind Smitherman takes seriously. We seriously need a new TRC Chair.  

Update 2:51pm: Smitherman has now apologized for his tweet.

When Smitherman retweeted the noose, it was perfectly acceptable to him. Now that there's such blowback, it's not. Anyone in charge of regulating Texas's oil and gas industry shouldn't be capable of such an egregious “mistake”.


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Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman has been a BOR staff writer since 2011. A graduate of the University of Texas, Ben has worked on campaigns, in political consulting, and has written for other news outlets like Think Progress. Ben considers campaign finance reform the fundamental challenge of our time because it distorts almost every other issue in American politics.

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  1. Waiting…
    Thank you, Ben Sherman. Many of us across our vast state are waiting for the day that Barry Smitherman, Rick Perry and all the rest of them apologize for terrorizing Texas citizens.

    Barry Smitherman sits in the chair that makes decisions about property takings and it's well known by many of us that he never met a Statewide Rule 37 Spacing Exception Decision he didn't enjoy giving to industry (we're surprised he hasn't “Tweeted” those decisions for fun).

    There have definitely been too many “egregious mistakes.” It's long past the time for most of them to leave Austin and stop ruining our lives.

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