Update: Rep. Debbie Riddle Responds, Clarifies “Guano Loco Taco Act” Intentions

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Earlier this morning we reported on State Rep. Debbie Riddle's legislation that would ban breakfast tacos in Texas. Riddle's office sent us the following press release in response to our story:


AUSTIN- Today, it was reported by the Burnt Orange Report that my legislation on breakfast tacos somehow limited or banned the distribution of a state treasure. As such, I want to clarify the intent of my legislation and my motivation for taking on this very important issue. The Burnt Orange Report referred to my bill as the Terror Taco Prevention Act, which is wrong in name but right in spirit. My bill has everything to do with preventing Taco Terror. However, it is the Guano Loco Taco Act. Its purpose: To prevent lame breakfast tacos from terrorizing the great State of Texas.

I think all of us have suffered a terrible breakfast taco experience at least once in our lives. House Bill 10,001 targets tacos of inferior quality, as well as the corporate fat cats who line their pockets with the hard earned cash of working Texans and bleary-eyed college students.

The bill would mandate culinary background checks for would-be taco vendors who attempt to pass off low quality tacos as gourmet, boutique, Tex-Mex cuisine of a higher order, effectively, closing the current food trailer/truck loophole. These charlatans must be stopped. They have hoodwinked the public for far too long and now face the wrath of the Texas Legislature.

We must secure the quality of the Texas breakfast taco. Then, and only then, can we hope to preserve the integrity of this Texas morning ritual.

Guano Loco Tacos will not be tolerated, period. We can't wait on Washington, DC. The time is now for Texas to get serious and stop Taco Terror. Consideration of this legislation is most appropriate for April Fool's Day.

Why are Texas Republicans trying to pass unnecessary regulations that will disproportionately harm minority-owned Texas businesses? Usually conservatives decry this kind of legislative overreach.

In related news, Rep. Drew Springer has offered an amendment that would require every taco to be double-bagged in plastic even if it's being consumed on the premises.

An original of the release is below the jump.

Yup, this happened:

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