Republican Activist Trying to Start a “White Student Union” at Tarrant County Colleges

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A Tarrant County Republican activist has a new idea for a club at Tarrant County Colleges: a student union to celebrate and promote white interests.

Richard Railey, a 56-year-old seeking an Associate of Applied Science in IT, calls himself “Mstr Rick” and is currently seeking a school charter for the White Student Union of Tarrant County Colleges. On its website, Railey deems the group “a confederacy of like minds united in pursuit of common political, cultural, educational, and social interests relative to our unique White Heritage”. In the past, the Tarrant County GOP has appointed Railey as an election judge and elected him as a precinct chairman.

Read more below the jump.That's right: this “white rights” activist was a Republican election judge in Tarrant County. Feel protected?

Railey, an “an avid fan of Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, The Heritage Foundation, and The Cato Institute,” is currently battling TCC over a “Men of Color” event they had which Railey felt was discriminatory. The event was part of a program meant to keep African-American men in TCC by promoting mentoring and financial aid services. Railey even got the Dallas Office of Civil Rights to investigate it, and posted a video of his visit to the event on his blog. It is not outrageous at all that TCC is taking steps to curb a high dropout rate among African American men at their schools. What is outrageous is that Railey has convinced the Dallas Office of Civil Rights to look into this non-issue.

This is a man who thinks that an Ebony Magazine was put in a polling place to scare white voters. In an opinion piece ironically entitled “Who Watches the Pollwatchers?” in Fort Worth Weekly, Railey gave this quote about the incident:

It is EXTREMELY inappropriate and probably a federal election law violation to have this magazine displayed by a polling official and I believe it was an attempt to intimidate, bully, and threaten white voters.

On his blog, Railey rails against those who don't believe in genetic differences between the races, promotes a book called “The Epidemic of Black Violence,” and deems himself “enamored with the White Ethno-Centrist Movement.” Does this sound like a leader of a racially sound club? Remember: the Tarrant County GOP has elected this man as a precinct chairman before. Almost sixty years after they claimed to abandon racial bigotry, Republicans clearly have not stopped being home to many who want to promote a racial division of American society.

TCC should immediately reject Railey's white “confederacy” club for the sake of their students and institutional dignity.


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