Senate Committee Unanimously Approves Bill to End Gas Chamber Euthanasia

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The Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services has unanimously voted to pass a bill ending the practice of using gas chambers to euthanize animals at shelters.

According to Austin Humane Society Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Katie Luke, pictured at right, “gas chamber euthanasia is inhumane, expensive, and dangerous for the humans using it. Euthanasia by injection has been established as the most humane method available by major humane and veterinary groups. I feel strongly that if the majority of Texans would choose not to euthanize their own pets with a gas chamber, we should be giving the same consideration to animals euthanized in our shelters.”

Sen. Kirk Watson of Austin authored the bill SB 360 to end the practice still used in shelters around Texas. Austin has aggressively worked towards a “no-kill” status in its own animal shelters, often a difficult goal for urban areas to achieve.   The House Committee on Environmental Regulation heard an identical version of the bill, HB 858, and will vote on it in the next two weeks. The Texas Humane Legislation Network expects a vote in support of the bill.  


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