Battleground Texas is Coming to a City Near You, Starting This Weekend

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Battleground Texas is about to visit 14 cities all across Texas as it takes the next step in painting Texas blue. “This tour will help connect Texans who want to make a difference in their communities now while building this movement to make Texas competitive over the coming years,” BGTX Executive Director Jenn Brown said.

Over the last week, Battleground Texas has held two heavily attended – and standing-room only – events in San Antonio and Austin. Democrats across the state (and country) are getting fired up as the Democratic movement in Texas gets properly mobilized for the first time in decades.

Jeremy Bird, the Senior Advisor of Battleground Texas, sat down with the Texas Tribune for a lengthy interview this week. He explained BGTX's strategy:

Part of the reason that [the Obama campaign]won Florida in 2012 is that we had had a grassroots program running for six years with all the components – digital, communications, field, data, analytics – all of them put together into a 21st century modern campaign that worked for people's votes.

We have to do that here. And it can't just happen in one part of the state; it has to happen across the state. We need to touch places where we're getting 25 percent of the vote and get 32 percent of the vote. It's not necessarily about winning all those places, but we have to compete there. And then we have to have higher turnout in places that have already gone blue.

Learn more about Battleground Texas' plans and their upcoming state tour below the jump!Of Texas' importance, Bird said: “We need to speed up the electorate to catch up to the population. Waiting around is not an option. There are millions of kids in this state who are currently being denied access to health insurance because of the current governor. We can't just wait around for the electorate to catch up to that population. There are too many important issues that matter today and tomorrow.”

Yes, there are. Go see Battleground Texas on this tour and make this happen.

'Battleground Texas Tour' to Kick Off this Weekend

14-city swing will connect BGTX organizers with grassroots activists in every region of the Lone Star State

AUSTIN – On the heels of two standing-room only grassroots events in San Antonio and Austin earlier this week, Battleground Texas (BGTX) today announced a 14-city tour that will introduce Texans to this new movement to turn the Lone Star state into a battleground. Community meetings in San Antonio and Austin this month featured BGTX Senior Advisor Jeremy Bird and elected leaders.

“The outpouring of support we've seen so far is a clear sign that Texans are excited and eager to make Texas count – both in Austin and Washington,” said Jenn Brown, BGTX Executive Director. “This tour will help connect Texans who want to make a difference in their communities now while building this movement to make Texas competitive over the coming years.”

The “Battleground Texas Tour” will visit cities in every major region of the state during the next three weeks. All tour stops are open to members of the media.

** Members of the media who wish to attend one of these stops should email to receive more information and to RSVP **

Corpus Christi, March 16

Laredo, March 19

McAllen, March 20

Dallas, March 25

El Paso, March 25

Fort Worth, March 26

Lubbock, March 26

Waco, March 28

Austin, April 2


Killeen, April 3

San Antonio, April 4

Brownsville, April 6

Houston, April 6

Longview, April 7


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