Friday Wrap: Steve Toth, Taxes for Transportation, Beaumont, Birth Control, and Ted Cruz

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It's Friday, and that means it's time for your Burnt Orange Reporters to comment on all the news that fits in a blockquote.

But first, a video because it's Friday and this video is awesome:

There's a lot going on this weekend:

The Texas Democratic Women hold their state convention in Austin this weekend, and the statewide Save Our Schools rally is Saturday at the Capitol.  

Below the jump, read more about Steve Toth, Taxes for Transportation, Beaumont, Birth Control, and Ted Cruz.

Hello, Texas Legislature, please come to the Courtesy Desk.  Your guiding principle is lost and asking to be found.  Fox News (you know, Fair and Balanced) is reporting that Rep. Steve Toth of the Woodlands has proposed a bill making it illegal for local police officers to enforce federal gun laws – subjecting Texas law enforcement personnel to a Class A misdemeanor.  Tenuous legal grounds aside (Supremacy Clause, anyone?) how is it OK for state law enforcement officials to enforce federal immigration laws but not federal laws concerning firearms?

Edward Garris


A Republican is for higher taxes! Sen. Kevin Eltife called for revenue increases to fund road projects. The Texas Legislature never ceases to amaze me. We have the craziest of crazies and then there's this. Such developments could be huge in improving our state's infrastructure.

Michael Hurta


Back in 2008 Beaumont was listed as the 2nd worst city in America to raise a family. Now Beaumont has been ranked by University of Vermont researchers, using data from Twitter, as the saddest city in America followed closely by its neighbor Port Arthur.

About 10 miles before you reach the city, you can see the amber glow of the refineries, and thats when the smell hits your nose. Fortunately, after just a few hours you don't even notice it anymore. As anyone would imagine families are not flocking to Southeast Texas, but maybe Beaumont's smoggy cloud of sadness presents a silver lining – because if misery loves company this new honor should do wonders for tourism.

Joe Deshotel


Reporting on the Senate District 6 special election has been horrible, but some of the best has come from Univision, according to Dos Centavos

Michael Hurta


Rick Perry appointed three UT Regents this week: Ernest Aliseda of McAllen, Jeff Hildebrand of Houston, and Paul Foster of El Paso. Foster is a repeat appointment, as he is the current vice-chair of the Board of Regents. Some very cursory research into the Texas Ethics Commission donor database suggests that these new regents, Aliseda and Hildebrand, don't have the usual six-figure donor history to Rick Perry and Texas Republicans that was usually necessary to secure such a plum appointment.

The appointments come amid conflicts between the Regents and UT President William Powers. It remains to be seen if the new appointees will side with UT's widely supported president or try to perpetuate Perry's attacks on higher education in Texas.

Katherine Haenschen


A huge majority of Texans support birth control and even government-sponsored birth control, according to this poll. So what do you say to that, crazies?

Michael Hurta


When you Cruz, you lose.

Ben Sherman


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