Forward–How Texas Spends Its Money, How Texas Gets Its Money, and Why It Doesn't Add Up

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This week, we at the Center for Public Policy Priorities released our updated and redesigned Budget & Revenue primer, which outlines the current budget process and why Texas is short of the money it needs. While the full primer is more evergreen and educational in nature, we've also put together two additional fact sheets with updated information on the 2013 Texas Legislature's budget numbers.

You can read the primer, as well as a list of state budget do's and don't's & the fact sheet on this session's budget outlook, on our website.

Here's a sampling from the introduction:

“With one in 11 children in the United States calling Texas home, our state has a big role to play in the future of America. To ensure that our large and rapidly growing child population is prepared to meet tomorrow's challenges, we must invest in education. We need strong early childhood education, strong public schools, and strong colleges and universities to ensure a prosperous future.

Preparing for the future requires the political will to reform our antiquated revenue system now. To move forward, we must have a revenue system that is fair and adequate. Our revenue system, though, has always been unfair and is increasingly inadequate.”

Learn more on our website.  


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