Friday Wrap: School Finance, Freshmen, Harris County, Greg Abbott, and Texas Utopia?

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It's time for the Friday Wrap, when your Burnt Orange Reporters expound on the issues of the week.

Kicking things off, former Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu reminds us to always keep a sense of humor, even when you're caught in flagrante delicto with some photovoltaics.

Below the jump: school finance, freshmen, Harris County, Greg Abbott, and Texas utopia?

On Monday Judge John Dietz of the 250th District Civil Court ruled that Texas' school finance system failed the ultimate high stakes test – the state constitution. This decision is a big win for students, educators, and parents and should help bolster Texas Democrats who have championed the education funding crisis since the cuts were made last session. Attorney General Greg Abbott is expected to appeal the decision. We must act now, use this opportunity to fund enrollment growth, reinstate programs like Pre-K, the Student Success Initiative, and restore funding to the level it was before the unnecessary cuts were made to our current budget.

— Joe Deshotel


Some “we need to get things done” vibes are finally being felt at the capitol. More than 40 members of the 150-person Texas House of Representatives are freshman. We'll soon see whether they came to work or not.

— Michael Hurta


Is this the last mid-term that Republicans can compete countywide in Harris County? It might just be according to Republicans

— Karl-Thomas Musselman


I'm really tired of seeing Greg Abbott's Facebook ads promoting his gun-toting ideas. If he wants to be governor one day, he needs to realize that the job has much more important responsibilities. 

— Michael Hurta


Buzzfeed's “50 Sure Signs That Texas Is Actually Utopia” list got a lot of buzz among Texans. Even those of us under the subjection of Texas's terrible education system, horrifying health care system, misogynistic treatment of women, denial of marriage equality rights, and climate change-induced crippling drought in most of the state. Which is everyone. Utopia Texas is not. Improved it surely can, and must be. 

— Ben Sherman


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