Crazy Ted Cruz Claims Gun Show Loophole Doesn't Exist

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On NBC's “Meet the Press” this Sunday, our new senator Ted Cruz said this:

“You know, there actually isn't the so-called 'gun show loophole.' That doesn't exist. Any licensed firearm dealer who sells at a gun show has to have a background check.  It's a requirement that applies to every licensed firearm dealer. What it doesn't apply to is personal sales one on one. And that's true whether it's at a gun show or not.”

But…the lack of a law requiring background checks when buying from private dealers IS the gun show loophole. Indeed, Columbine killer Eric Harris said this in his last year of life: “If we can save up about $200 real quick…we can go to the next gun show and find a private dealer and buy ourselves some bad-ass AB-10 machine pistols.”

This insane loophole doesn't just exist at gun shows – it includes all private sales of guns anywhere. Is there a loophole that removes a lunatic senator from office for spewing too much sewage and too many lies? No, but that's one loophole I could live with.


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Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman has been a BOR staff writer since 2011. A graduate of the University of Texas, Ben has worked on campaigns, in political consulting, and has written for other news outlets like Think Progress. Ben considers campaign finance reform the fundamental challenge of our time because it distorts almost every other issue in American politics.

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