After Sandy Hook, Demand Universal Background Checks

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What happened last month in Connecticut was terrifying. Even more terrifying are the calls from Texas elected officials to arm teachers. The gun sellers' lobby will do anything it can to sell more guns, even profiting off of the deaths of children – and putting more students at risk in the process.

I witnessed this shameless profiteering first-hand after my girlfriend died at Virginia Tech almost six years ago. And that's why I need to ask for your help this year, for the people of Newtown.

Sign our petition to the County Commissioners and City Council asking them to stop allowing gun shows in our public facilities.

In the past, we've campaigned to keep guns off campus. That's not enough. Forty percent of gun sales in the U.S. involve no background check. We need to fix that.

We want to draw attention to the issue here in Texas. One way is to persuade Austin and Travis County to ban gun shows on city and county property. If we are successful, we believe other counties and cities will follow suit. Too many unlicensed sales happen at these gun shows. That means no background checks.

Let the County Commissioners and City Council know how you feel.

We need to send a message to the State of Texas that we the people demand universal background checks. Background checks should be mandatory on all firearm sales, especially at gun shows on public property.

Want to do more? Sign our new petition for gun-free schools. And consider sharing this post on Facebook!


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