Rep. Mark Strama Begins Blogging “Inside the Rail”

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Representative Mark Strama has joined the blogosphere yesterday with a post titled “This blog is a terrible idea”.

Blogging at, Rep. Strama's first post take a lighthearted and personal approach to the medium. For those that know him, it's easy to visualize him reading certain lines aloud which is probably a good sign for picking up an audience. With Rep. Aaron Peña not returning to the legislature this year, those of us at BOR are more than excited to see the chamber's Next Top Blogger shift from the former Republican Chair of the House Technology Committee, Peña, to Strama, the Democratic Chair who preceded him.

Strama tagged his post to share what topics we can expect to see covered.

#This blog is a terrible idea

#Family and parenting



#Political reform


#Lessons from inside the rail

#Lessons from Campaign Academy

#Eating healthy

#small biz

For those not familiar with the Texas Capitol, “Inside the Rail” refers to the golden rail that marks the boundaries of the House (and Senate) floor.  


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