Occupy Kingwood – Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement Ends After 52 Weeks

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Occupy Kingwood, our 52 consecutive weeks at the corner of Kingwood Drive and Lake Houston Blvd on Saturdays, has come to an end. The movement however goes on as the group is morphing into an affiliate of Move To Amend that will do grassroots work to build consensus on modifying the constitution to codify that “money is not speech” and that “corporations are not people”.

Today we received media coverage from Channel 11, our CBS affiliate and the Kingwood Observer. We had north of 50 participants this morning.

What Occupy Kingwood has accomplished in this very conservative suburb is something that should be done throughout the country to show politicians that the citizenry no longer feel impotent. It will show politicians that they are ready to engage and impose their collective will.

Occupy Kingwood thanks the entire Kingwood community for a mostly civil response to our activities at the corner every Saturday. There are too many people to thank for their participation and commitment. Rest assured they are ensuring that we will make this country a real democracy. Our videos document the event throughout the 52 weeks and their contributions will be self-evident.

Please help rebuild our democracy by signing the petition here. View our videos and blog posts here of most of the 52 weeks of our Informational Occupy. Individual interviews from participants can be found in this post.

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