Jon Stewart Gets 'Legends of The Fault' McCain & Graham Attack On Susan Rice Just Right (VIDEO)

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I must admit, I was waiting for Jon Stewart to come out with his “analysis” on Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham attacks on Susan Rice. Satirists have been doing a much more sensible and fact based analysis on issues than our mainstream media.

In this short video Stewart hits all the points that should be used to discredit the attacks on Susan Rice based on the incorrect information she gave on the five news shows.He implied that while Rice's error was actually not her own but that of the organizational talking points, the lead up to the Iraq war that murdered thousands of Americans and Iraqis, was an utter display of either ineptitude or outright malice.

It is hard to understand why McCain and Lindsey are so committed to the attacks on Rice and the attempt to scuttle her yet unannounced candidacy for Secretary of State. I was a guest on HuffPost Live a couple of days ago and this question arose. Were the attacks racial? I really did not think at the time it was. Was it some sort of attempt to get the job instead for John Kerry in order to open up a Senate slot that Republican Scott Brown would attempt to win? I did not think that was practical because a Republican will not win Massachusetts for the foreseeable future if a competent Democrat runs.

[CORRECTION: I must  amend my statement. DailyKOS readers are great. I was schooled on Massachusetts politics. The fact that Scott Brown lost by 8 points means he can actually win as was explained eloquently below by jplanner. So it may partly be the reason as well that they hope to get the seat.

One of the participants on the panel thought it was racial. Another participant had a most interesting one thought; it was racial but nuanced. His statement was if Susan Rice is confirmed then the three top jobs in the executive, domestic and foreign, would give America's leadership a black face. I believe most sensible Americans would see it as three competent faces that by chance happened to be black Americans. That said I can see some old timers looking at the issue with a false sense of fear.

What do you think?

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