(Caught On Video) Mitt Romney-I vetoed any bill that was in favor of choice.

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Is Mitt Romney a true Right Wing Conservative? Is Mitt Romney a Moderate as he appeared in the debates?

No one really knows. Sometimes he claims to be more Liberal than Kennedy on gay issues. Sometimes he claims to be pro-choice. Sometimes he claims to be pro-life.

We know he is a flip flopper based on who he is talking to. The bigger issue is how would he govern. What laws will he support? What are his values that could be probative?

The only evidence we have is when he is caught on tape speaking from the heart behind closed doors. The real Mitt Romney comes out. It is there that he demeaned the 47%. It is there that he demeaned Latinos. It is there that he expresses anti-women's right actions.

Over the last several months Americans have been presented with enough information that details the type of President Mitt Romney would be if given a chance. It is clear he is completely out of the mainstream and anathema to the middle class. His election would be the greatest display of willful ignorance by the middle class and poor. We get the government we deserve folks. Vote and vote correctly.

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