Tea Party Candidate for SD25 Would Deny Healthcare Funds for Elderly Texans

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  In the 2011 the Texas Legislature cut the States healthcare budget by $4 billion dollars and created turmoil.  Healthcare services for the elderly are severely under-funded. Rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and home healthcare providers have made deep cuts in the critical services they provide for tens of thousands of elderly Texans; elderly recovering from injuries; elderly in long-term care facilities and elderly confined to their homes or living with their adult children.  The legislature’s Leadership claimed they made the cuts to avert a crisis.


Now, many Texas families face a crisis of their own. There are hard-working Texans who struggle with ever rising tuition for their children’s college education while ministering to their elderly parents’ expensive long-term care and nursing home needs. Parents should not have to depend on their adult children. Our elderly deserve more dignity in their healthcare services.

One way to alleviate this burden is full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.While my opponent and her Tea Party backers complain that Texans send more money to Washington then they get back, she vows to block Texas from accepting ACA funds. These are our Federal Tax dollars and, regardless of what Donna Campbell thinks, if they are going to spend the money on healthcare in some state, it should be Texas.  My opponent benefits from government spending on healthcare.  In Bexar County, 85% of our County Hospital Tax goes to pay for the uninsured.  Emergency Room physicians like Donna Campbell will be paid by tax payers, with or without ACA funds.

The ACA will inject over $100 billion in to the Texas Economy; $585 million a year into Senate District 25. This is money to pay healthcare facilities for emergency services; money to offset the Hospital District taxes my neighbors, the residents of District 25, and I pay. This is money to pay healthcare professionals, like Donna Campbell, who provide emergency services.  This is money healthcare professionals will spend for food, clothing and shelter at businesses owned by residents of District 25; money that will flow through nearly every sector in the district several times over. The Increased cycle of spending generated from the infusion of this money will create more demand, more demand will result in new jobs, and new jobs grow our economy. Now that is my definition of a successful trickle-down economic policy. Panels


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