Could Campbell Pass 7th Grade Social Studies?

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We need to eliminate the expensive high stakes testing from Texas schools. Our children will be better prepared for the jobs of tomorrow if we redirect misspent millions back into classroom resources and educational opportunities. However, there is one group of Texans who should prove they can score 100% on the 7th Grade End of Course exam in Social Studies; that would be candidates for elected office, especially those running for the State Legislature.

According to current standards for Social Studies fourth grade students should “Identify and explain the basic functions of the three branches of government according to the Texas Constitution”. Seventh grade students must “describe the structure and functions of… state government[s]and…describe the structure and functions of government at municipal, county, and state levels”. High School Students are required to “analyze the structure and functions of the legislative branch of government, including the bicameral structure of Congress, the role of committees, and the procedure for enacting laws.” When I went to school, my teachers taught, and I learned, this material even though these standards were not the law of the land. I wonder if some candidates for the Legislature could even pass the test, much less ace it.

My opponent for State Senator in District 25, when asked what would be her top priority if elected, responded enthusiastically “Repeal Obamacare!” The Texas State Legislature cannot repeal a law passed by the United States Congress. Maybe, she thinks she is still running against Congressman Lloyd Doggett.

It has been reported that upon attending a meeting in Austin when asked which committees she wanted to serve on, she quipped that she didn’t want to serve on any because it would interfere with her work as a Senator. Every member of the Texas Senate must serve on several committees. She has made other statements demonstrating that she did not know that both the Texas House of representatives and the Texas Senate must pass proposed legislation and then it goes to the Governor before it becomes law. Our high schools teach a course called GOVERNMENT, where we teach how the legislative process works.

Shortly after she unseated Jeff Wentworth in the Republican Party primary, Donna Campbell took time to go to the state capitol. Apparently, she went to pick her parking spot, choose her office and measure the windows for new drapes. Behaving as if she was already the incumbent; even though not a single vote has been cast in the General Election is an insult to the voters of Senate District 25. Did she forget that our election system has more than one party? Does she realize that before one can take office, they must first garner a majority of the votes cast in November? Merely winning your party’s primary is not sufficient; that is something I learned in the 7th grade.

I want to eliminate standardized testing from our schools, but voters in District 25 deserve a State Senator who can pass the seventh grade Social Studies test.


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