GOP & Developers Dump Tens of Thousands into Austin Prop 3 Campaign

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There's a new kid in town, John Ramsey.  He just moved here, he leans to the right politically, and he wants to change the way you select your Austin City Council to the tune of a $10,000 contribution to the Proposition 3 campaign.

You may remember John Ramsey, a 21-year old college student, who spent over $50,000 this primary season backing the gun-loving (and unsuccessful) Michael Cargill locally, as well as Ron Paul “liberty” candidates in primaries across the country. Ramsey earned his millions the Romney way: he inherited them and he has spent over $1 million of that inheritance in less than a year.

Various Tea Party, libertarian, and Ron Paul extremists are busy helping John Ramsey squander his fortune-including the forces behind Proposition 3, the push to impose an unbalanced single-member district only system on Austin.

In addition to Ron Paul Super PAC founder John Ramsey, the following groups are financially supporting Proposition 3 according to reports released yesterday (pdf).

  • $31,000 to date by the Homebuilder's PAC Corporate
  • $10,000 from Ron Paul SuperPAC founder John Ramsey
  • $5,000 by a Pennsylvania based commercial developer
  • $5,000 by the Texas Homebuilders

Ramsey has funded several obscure political races through his Liberty for All “Super PAC.” Among them: over two million in spending on Kentucky, Michigan, and Arizona congressional races targeting Republicans for a Tea Party takeover. Arizona's race featured endorsements by Sarah Palin, who served as a fellow traveler in Ramsey's quest to shove the GOP as far out on the edge as possible.

Austin's Prop 3 supporters brag about the “money bomb” being dropped by this individual. Don't let a tea party extremist or developers decide Austin's future. Follow the money. Follow the facts. And most importantly, VOTE!

Austin Community for Change supports Austin's Prop 4, the balanced Hybrid 8-2-1 Plan. For more information about Prop 4 and the 8-2-1 plan visit us at  


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  1. 92% of Prop 1 & 2 funding is from Real Estate Council of Austin (RECA and Austin Board of Realtors PAC
    What evil motive do these developers and real estate interests, many of which are members of the GOP, have in moving city council elections to November and having four year council terms? Could it be they want Austin to have a better form of government? Well the same goes for the larger contributors to Prop 3.

    This post neglects to mention that Democratic environmentalist Kirk Mitchell donated $20,000 to Prop 3 during the latest report period. Austinites for Geographic Representation has received campaign contributions from a very diverse group of individuals that includes:  Democrats/Republicans, environmentalists/home builders, and even some Libertarians.

    So Austin, do you think politicians, their supporters, and political consultants will draw fair district line lines for your neighborhood?  See for info on Prop 3's independent Citizen's Districting Commission.

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