TX-14: Lampson Gains More Momentum, Weber Breaks Another Law

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Today Market Watch listed TX-14 in its “5 races Investors Must Watch on Election Day”, saying,  “Lampson has made this race closer than expected” and giving him the momentum. Last week his opponent Randy Weber was busy answering questions over illegal campaign contributions, and this week he's explaining why he broke an election law. The bill, passed in 2007, restricts anyone from “use[ing]any mechanical or electronic means of recording images or sound within 100 feet of a voting station.”, and this week the Weber campaign featured photos of the candidate voting (presumably for himself). At the time of this posting his Facebook page still featured the illegal photos with the slogan “Aqui VOTE” – yes I think there's a joke in there somewhere. It's clear that Weber has sounded the alarm because the RNCC, Ted Cruz and now Rick Perry have all come to his rescue. His campaign has failed to raise the funds, gain the support and build that sense of inevitability that Republican's expected when they redrew this district.

Lampson refuses to be outdone – including in star power. Last week he shared the stage with former President Bill Clinton. Clinton came to the new coastal district to remind them of the good ol' days when he was in the White House and Lampson was in the Capitol. Those days were marked by bipartisan legislation, budget surpluses and balanced federal checkbook. Clinton told the estimated crowd of 2,000 Southeast Texas voters:

I like Nick Lampson…He believes in arithmetic over illusion, evidence over ideology, shared prosperity and opportunity and responsibility over trickle down.  And I know he believes we’re all in this together.

That concept has been Lampson's message from day one, in ads, emails and on the ground. His record of working across the aisle is fondly remembered for civility sake, but more importantly, the substance of balanced budgets and surpluses is something that hasn't been done since Lampson was in Congress. Though Lampson has very high name ID district-wide (65%+) these type of high profile events help expose him to those less familiar, like students. They may have heard of Lampson's prior service but many were too young to remember and such events give an opportunity to see the candidate in action. First time voters attending the rally at Vincent Beck Stadium had across the board positive reaction (from KIITV):

I feel very very confident about my decision. I've been watching both parties and I do feel that he is really putting more emphasis on people in my position and people who are relying on student loans, people who are in school, so I do have more confidence. -Lamar University student, Erin Wilrich

I had knowledge of it and after tonight, I have even more knowledge. I just feel really good about all the plans that he has for the Democratic party so if feel confident. -First time voter, Jasmine Reeves

I think it's pretty important and it gives me perspective on people who aren't the presidential candidate on the congressman. I really didn't know anything about that and I feel more confident in voting than I was earlier tonight. -First time voter, Rowan Waedemon

The momentum seems to be with Lampson on a number of important fronts; in the bank, across the airwaves and on the ground. Jefferson County has experienced record early voting this election and the campaign believes if it receive 60% there, Lampson will win the election.


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