Bill Clinton Rallies in San Antonio

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Bill Clinton fired up about 2,000 Texans on Thursday in support of Pete Gallego. At San Antonio South High School, Clinton broke the state of affairs down DNC-style, and explained what's happening in Gallego's race against Rep. Quico Canseco.

“If you look at the campaign that's being run against Pete Gallego, it's your basic, standard tea party deal: 'The government would mess up a two-car parade, and God is on my side,' ” Clinton said. “I don't want to get into a religious dispute. But the Bible that I read said the only time Jesus got really angry is when he had to run the moneychangers out of the temple.”

Clinton also took on Canseco's despicable abortion mailers in which he uses explicit religious imagery and language to argue that Gallego's abortion position “kills babies.”

“They always say they represent the original intent of the framers' Constitution,” Clinton said. “They would be appalled by anybody trying to use any religious image to advance a particular candidacy.”

So true. Clinton's appearance with Gallego shows the tremendous hopes Democrats have for taking back this seat.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the other non-Obama star of the DNC, and his brother, future U.S. congressman Joaquin Castro, appeared at the rally too.

If you live in the 23rd congressional district, make sure you get out and vote for Pete Gallego.


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