John Cornyn Defends Mourdock's “Rape Pregnancies Are a Blessing” Comments

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Good news, women of Texas! Your soon-to-be-senior senator agrees with Indiana senate candidate Richard Mourdock that your pregnancies that result from rape are a blessing.

Mourdock ignited a firestorm of controversy in a debate this week when he said — out loud, on the TV, when people could hear him — “Life is a gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that God intended to happen.”

Now, NRSC chair John Cornyn is standing by his man. So even though apparently God doesn't want the ladies to get raped, and even if a pregnancy comes as the result of a brutal, violent attack or simply a total disregard for a woman's right to consent, it's all part of God's plan!

Mourdock is the latest high-profile Republican to seize the mantle of rapists' rights advocacy, even managing to one-up Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin, who added “legitimate rape” to our contemporary political lexicon. (Got it, ladies? Even if someone has sex with you against your will, it might not be legitimate rape. While you're busy not giving consent to the physical violation that is happening to your body, make sure to take notes on whether or not your sexual assault meets Akin's criteria for legitimacy.)

Heck, the Republican Presidential ticket wants to overturn Roe v Wade. Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan wants to end abortion all together, and does not support the right to an abortion even in cases of rape and incest. Apparently GOP operatives think it's about time someone stood up for rapists' parental rights.

We've seen this same bizarre support for rapists over the women they victimize play out even here in Texas, where Republican State Senate nominee Mark Shelton voted against a bill that resulted in testing backlogged rape kits. The Republicans are totally going to run up epic margins in the “rapist vote” demographic this year.

In the meantime, maybe John Cornyn should stop recruiting Republican Senate candidates at rapists' rights rallies, and ask them if they actually support stuff like equal rights for women and all. We're only 53% of the electorate and all, but, you know, our rights are no big deal or anything — at least not to the Republican Party. (Of course, if Cornyn's recruits believed in equal rights for women, they wouldn't be running as Republicans! Hey-oo!)

So, to recap, Senator John Cornyn is standing with Indiana senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who said that pregnancies that result from rapes are a blessing, just as the entire Republican party seems to be embracing pro-rapist anti-women candidates and policies at all level of the ballot.

This public misogyny is making it look more and more like NRSC chairman Cornyn's recruits will fail to recapture the upper chamber, in what was supposed to be an excellent year for them to win a majority.

It's Ok though, John. You can't win every race, every year. And as long as Republicans getting destroyed by women voters for their misogynistic views is inevitable, you might as well just relax and enjoy it.


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Katherine Haenschen

Katherine Haenschen is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas, where she studies political participation on digital media. She previously managed successful candidate, issue, voter registration, and GOTV campaigns in Central Texas. She is also a fan of UCONN women's basketball and breakfast tacos.

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  1. Misunderstanding of Republican Dating Culture
    I think a basic misunderstanding of Republican Dating Culture is at fault here.

    One of the chief forms of acceptable pre-marital heterosexual sex among Republicans, as typified by the Fraternity/Soroity system, is DATE RAPE.

    This leads to confusion when a Republican discusses the topic of Rape because to MOST Republicans DATE RAPE is almost the same as Consensual Sex.

    Remember the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal that almost subverted our Deomocracy by equating consensual sex and the desire to claim it is NOBODY'S BUSINESS except the parties involved with TREASON?

    Now Fast Forward to this …

    Yep, SAME Republican party!

    You add a little Protestant Evangelism to the mix and soon you have RAPE AS GOD'S GIFT TO THE ERRANT WOMAN.

    It's quite “logical” following Republican/Christian Fanatic illogic to assume that God gave the wanton woman who “provoked” her rape by appearing attractive and/or human the “gift” of child in order to settle her down.

    Children will tend to put a damper on anything, especially what we used to call “a life”.

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