Texas Senate Showdown: The Final Debate and the Final Days

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On Friday (ridiculous), Ted Cruz and Paul Sadler sat down for their final televised debate because Cruz is a scaredy cat. He only agreed to two debates with Sadler because he doesn't want to risk this becoming, you know, a race for Senate.

Anyway, it was less confrontational than the last debate, but had notable exchanges nevertheless. When asked about how they would solve the “problem of doctors not seeing Medicaid patients,” Cruz said he wants Americans to purchase insurance “across state lines” which would “lower costs” and “allow more people to be covered.” What that means, if you don't know, is throw Americans to the wolves and let insurance companies run roughshod over them. Sadler pointed this out and said he was “not afraid” to look at raising some taxes because “some services are too important.”

That's great. It really is. People worried about Sadler not being a progressive in the primaries, and he's not, but he is willing to take unusually strong (and necessary progressive stances). The Sadler team may have seen polls showing that Americans are actual in favor of raising taxes – especially on the rich – to keep certain services like Medicaid and Social Security. It's smart policy and it's smart politics. Sadler is making a contribution with his willingness to stick his neck out to say the common sense and popular things…the Democrats too often don't say.

When the candidates were asked about a life event that displays their character, Cruz acted like Cruz and cited that time he challenged the Bush Administration for permission to execute a Mexican national in Texas. Oohh, bold, you malicious loser. Cruz may have well said, “Despite my heritage, I hate Hispanics and love state killing, so vote for me.” Sadler gave a great answer about the car accident that put his son in a four-and-a-half day coma. He said it solidified what's important in life.

Check out the Texas Tribune's liveblog for more details.

Cruz's New Ad

Cruz has a positive direct-to-camera ad called “American Dream” out this week. He sounds just like his primary self, so confident that he'll win that he's making the same conservative pitch about “limiting government” to the general electorate. His campaign is asking supports for $100,000 to air the ad.

Libertarian John Jay Myers Releases First Ad

John Jay Myers has been completely under the radar for the whole campaign. Not entirely his own fault – the mainstream media mostly ignores third party candidates, and when they're discussed, they're joked about as quixotic or loopy.

John Jay Myers, the Libertarian candidate for Texas's Senate seat, released his first ad yesterday in conjunction with the first day of early voting in Texas.

We need to end crony capitalism in Washington… We need to end the wars and bring our troops home, we can no longer afford to be the world's police,” Myers says in the ad. “…You should be able to eat, drink or smoke whatever it is you like and it's certainly not the government's business to tell you who you can marry.”

Amen, mostly. Myers is calling out the major, fundamental problem in America while speaking about social liberties. Despite his limited stature in this race, that's a very good thing.

Here's the ad:


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