Jason Issac's Extreme Policies Revealed in Newly Launched Website

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The John Adams Campaign for HD-45 has launched a new website that highlights incumbent Jason Issac's record of shockingly radical positions on key issues of women's healthcare and education. Additionally, they set the record straight on many of Issac's untruthful campaign talking points.

The Website, entitled “No to Issac”, offers cited indictments on Issac such as his vote to “slash the Women's health program by two thirds” and his vote to cut “$23 million from local school districts.”

The Adams campaign, citing the Texas State Teachers' Assocation (TSTA), debunks an Issac campaign flyer that boasts that Issac “voted to begin the process of making sure our commitment of a good education is kept by increasing the state's portion by $2 billion.” But the TSTA characterizes this claim as simply “misleading and fabricated reelection rhetoric.” The TSTA writes, “Issac can tie his toungue in knots trying to explain how he came up with that figure, but in truth he voted for Texas' worst public education budget in more than 60 years…”

Beyond serially defunding education, Jason Issac has joined his Republican colleagues in the attack on Women's healthcare. Issac has voted to defund Planned Parenthood, cut family planning, and slash spending on life-saving services for medical services like breast and cervical cancer screenings. These attacks by Issac and his Republican allies are a shocking regression as a blatant affront to Women's rights and healthcare.

Politicians like Jason Issac are exactly what is wrong with Texas politics today. Clearly certain special interest groups are invested in his reelection, but Texans and voters of HD-45 need John Adams to represent them in Austin.

Adams is a six-year trustee for the Dripping Springs I.S.D. Board of Trustees and understands the importance of strengthening our education system. Jason Issac clearly does not. John Adams will allow Texas women to access all their necessary healthcare needs and will stand against politicians like Issac who wish to defund necessary healthcare programs to score political points.

John Adams needs the support of all Texas Democrats. His voice and experience would be invaluable next session as Republicans plan to double down on extremism.    


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