Randy Weber Says He Can Return Excess Funds AFTER Election

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Recently I reported on the strong fundraising numbers posted by the Lampson for Congress campaign in TX-14. He had 8 times as much cash on hand as his opponent but now its revealed that the Republican Candidate Randy Weber took more than the legal limit from a handful of contributors. Sometimes these things can happen due to complex finance laws, but its up to the candidate's campaign to do the right thing and pledge to immediately return the excess funds. Instead Weber's campaign issued the following statement:

Nick Lampson doesn't want to talk about his record of voting with Nancy Pelosi 80% of the time and taking over $50,000 in contributions from her so he's going to start making crazy accusations about Randy. It's the old dodge and distraction strategy of a crumbling campaign. Here's the facts so we are clear: According to FEC and the proper compliance procedures, we sent out reattribution letters so that contributions could be attributed to spouses or returned if necessary. There is a 60 day window for this process. That window is still open. However, this (and November 6th, when voters say no to Nick a third time) should close this chapter on Lampson's loony lies and distortions.

First off, the Republican's campaign did not exactly deny taking excess funds, but did allude to waiting until after the election to fix the problem. This points to a broader issue of support. Lampson's campaign has reported over 2,000 individual contributors all who either could not afford to donate the maximum amount or who just managed to followed the rules. Weber may have done better trying to broaden his campaign appeal early on, but after completely dismissing moderates, wealthy donors may be his only chance to compete this late in the game. Secondly, referring to “crazy accusations” and “loony lies” is not the hallmark of a professional campaign. Thirdly, what does Lampson's Congressional voting record have to do with Randy Weber's campaign taking more than the legal limit? The answer is nothing, but ironically it does point to a “crumbling campaign”, only its not Lampson's. The contest for the Texas 14th Congressional district is garnering national attention because it was drawn to be a slam dunk for Republicans. The race could even have larger implications forcing national Republicans to divert precious resources to protecting “their” seat.  Neither the party or their candidate Randy Weber expected to be in this position just days before voting starts, but as Capitol HIll's major publication Roll Call puts it “candidates matter”.  


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Joe Deshotel

Joe was born and raised in Beaumont, Tx, but live music and politics brought him to Austin. He has worked in and around government and elections for over a decade including for a member of US Congress, the Texas Legislature, the Mayor of Austin. He currently serves as Communications Director for the Travis County Democratic Party. He is most interested in transportation, energy and technology issues. He also likes Texas Hold'em and commuting on his electric skateboard. Follow me on Twitter at @joethepleb.


  1. Weber and fraud
    This wouldn't be the first time Weber has been a party to fraud.  Search for Weber+Grohman+City+manager to see how Weber aided and abetted a corrupt city manager while Weber served on the city council.  

  2. RestoreAmerica on

    Bias Reporting
    Joe, this is terrible reporting.  Your bias obviously shows through.  Read Weber's statement again.  He NEVER said he could return the funds after the election (although according to the article it appears he legally could).  He said that November 6th will end the chapter of Lampson's distortions.  Your conclusion is COMPLETELY wrong and not based at all in fact.  It seems your bias toward Lampson is skewing your reporting.  Not good.

    SamD (Sam Davis), liberal from Pearland, there you go again!  Telling absolute lies about Weber.  Tell you what, why don't you just tell us of the “corruption” between Weber and Grohman.  Oh wait, Weber wasn't involved in any corruption with Grohman so you can't.  You would rather hint that something existed that never did.  I have heard this lie from you before.  Next time please bring some facts.  The voters of TX14 need to decide this election based on facts.  Below are some facts for you:


    1)  Weber is the ONLY candidate with over 30 years of experience building successfull business from scratch.  The economy is one of the most important issues facing our nation.  Weber is the BEST candidate to help balance our budget and get this country back on track.

    2)  Weber authored landmark legislation to combat human trafficking in Texas that had bi-partisan support.

    3)  One of the votes Lampson is attacking Weber about was a bipartisan vote in which all 7 state reps from TX 14 (Republican and Democrat) voted together.  It was bad law without clearly defined terms.  Lampson distorts that vote and is trying to deceive the voters of TX14.

    4)  Lampson endorsed Obama and supports keeping Obamacare, even though it was passed with only one Republican vote.  That doesn't sound bipartisan to me.

    5)  Lampson has the support of Nancy Pelosi.  Pelosi came down and put on a fundraiser for Lampson.  I don't think we need her as speaker of the house again.

    6)  Lampson has been an elected official for 30 years.  He is a career politicion.  Weber has been busy running a business and staying in touch with the everyday man.

    The issue with this election is the economic future of our country.  Hands down, Weber has the best experience to help solve our economic problems.  He helped cut $27 billion from the TX state budget while in the Texas house.

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