Senator Hinojosa Endorsed by the Corpus Christi Caller-Times

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Senator Juan Chuy Hinojosa has earned the endorsement and trust of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. In their endorsement , the editorial board wrote the following:

The leader of the delegation needs to be someone with a big-picture view of the region's needs, coalition-building skills and clout, which is why incumbent Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen, is the obvious choice. District 34 Rep. Connie Scott, R-Robstown, spent a chunk of her interview with us to extol Hinojosa for mentoring her through a challenging freshman term.

Party labels, obviously, weren't a concern in developing region-first strategies for education, windstorm insurance and other issues. Nor has Hinojosa's minority-party status marginalized him. Republicans like and respect him and the party hierarchy in these parts did not seek an opponent for him. His opponent, Rep. Raul Torres, R-Corpus Christi, did that on his own after being redistricted out of his district by his own party.

The way Hinojosa has championed the Corpus Christi area, McAllen might as well be on Ocean Drive.

There is no doubt that Hinojosa has been a bipartisan leader, unwilling to let his minority status deter his influence. In many cases, including the Republican efforts to slash public education funding, Senator Hinojosa was able to keep the bill from becoming irreversibly devastating.

The Caller-Times chose to focus on Hinojosa's value as a bipartisan and well liked leader. There is no doubt that the respect he has earned in both parties is immensely valuable in such a one-sided and uncompromising legislature. But the record of Hinojosa's opponent, Raul Torres, is perhaps just as important a reason to support Hinojosa's reelection.

On issues of education, Torres has been abysmal , arguing for an additional $4 billion cut from public education funding. On issues affecting Texas Latinos, he has supported the unconstitutional Voter ID Law, the unconstitutional redistricting maps, the raiding of sanctuary cities, and even the controversial Arizona “show me your papers” law.

Raul Torres has shown himself to be an unacceptable candidate to represent the people of Corpus Christi. He has spent much of his campaign distorting Hinojsa's record while blatantly misconstruing his own. His campaign of deception is the only way he knows to defeat a candidate as influential and popular as Senator Hinojosa, and the voters in SD-20 should not stand for it.  

The importance of Hinojosa's return to Austin cannot be overstated. His voice will be essential in the upcoming battles on the environment, school vouchers, and women's rights. Texans will be well served having a legislator like Senator Hinojosa back and fighting for them.  


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