Environment in Decline & Something Positive

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This digest is chock-full. On the negative side, it's time we enviros who are focused on global issues look at a new phase. The fossil fuel economy has won out over the timeline to save the world from global warming. On the positive side, maybe our new phase can mean we'll continue to come together and find new ways to create a culture of environmental awareness, sanity, and dare i say it, love. Here are some things worth sharing:

Arctic Ice in Free Fall

On a grand scale the earth is rapidly changing — and not for our benefit. “Comparing recent melt seasons with historical records spanning more than 1,400 years shows summer Arctic sea ice in free fall.” (Earth Policy Institute) The Arctic's ice melts are not only massive and unprecedented; the melting process has crossed a threshold wherein it now seems unstoppable. Some in the scientific community believe the Arctic could be ice-free as early as Summer 2016. Read Earth Policy's full report here: http://www.earth-policy.org/da… or my brief: http://chrissearles.blogspot.c…

Austin Drought Report

(Not a blog, here's some quick info:) After more than a year of being in various stages of drought, from “Dry to Extreme to Exceptional” and beyond, Austin is finally on the edge of returning to normalcy (!!). Take note, however, even after numerous torrential downpours Austin's drinking water resources (the Highland Lakes) remain way below historical averages. So some good news, some not. See the LCRA's lake level report here: http://www.lcra.org/water/cond… and the US Drought Monitor's drought report here: http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/…

How Powerful is the TransCanada Pipeline?

The fossil fuel industry is massive, hungry, rich, globally-diversified, and embedded in the future of our civilization in too many ways to list. Here's a good example. About a week ago the TransCanada folks were able to get local law enforcement to imprison a Texas grandma for “trespassing on her own land. See my brief here: http://chrissearles.blogspot.c…

Fossil Fuel Companies, “You Win!”

Was it naive of us enviros to think we could “win” on global warming? Given the omnipresence and wealth of fossil fuel industries in our lives; yesterday, today, and tomorrow, i believe it's time we start talking about how we'll live in a world where these industries continue to dominate. How will we balance the impacts? Read my blog: http://chrissearles.blogspot.c…

And Now for Something Positive

The blog above generated some great conversation when posted on LinkedIn, and inspired some new ideas. Since we can't win on our biggest issue — stopping climate change, can we instead come together? I mean ALL of us, professionals, hippies, moms, athletes, students, civil servants, and etc. to make a 5% difference? This blog is 100% inspired by the good ideas of others in our broad community. Read my short blog here: http://chrissearles.blogspot.c…



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