San Antonio Express-News Chooses John Courage, Rejects Donna Campbell

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In the race to replace Senator Jeff Wentworth in SD-25, the San Antonio Express-News has enthusiastically endorsed Democrat John Courage over Tea Party Darling Donna Campbell. In their endorsement, the editorial board cited Courage's commitment to improving public education and superior grasp of the issues facing Texans.

“We recommend that voters cast their ballots for Courage, an Air Force veteran and a teacher. Courage has deep roots in the district and demonstrates a more comprehensive knowledge of the issues facing Texas”, the board wrote. They go on to assert, “Courage is a strong advocate of public education, who is critical of education funding cuts enacted by lawmakers in 2011. Courage said he would work to restore adequate education funding.”

Props to the Express-News for throwing their hat behind the underdog in this race. They clearly grasp the importance in electing pro education lawmakers to Austin this session. Tea Party lawmakers are plotting radical changes to education that include school vouchers. Vouchers will do nothing but serve as a discount for wealthy families that can already afford to send their children to private schools, while doing nothing to help struggling families. The Express-News understands that vouchers are surrendering to the dream of equal opportunity and Courage's victory is essential in assuring that doesn't happen.

What also could have influenced the board's decision was her cowardly media strategy to ignore any opinion media, including The Express News' own, Brian Chasnoff. Campbell refused to talk with Chasnoff because her campaign elected to hide her from any media that might ask her tough questions that the campaign hasn't screened. In addition, she has hidden from Courage, refusing to participate in a single debate in spite of his repeated requests. Even Ted Cruz agreed to two debates with Paul Sadler. When Ted Cruz shows more courage than you, Dr. Campbell, it is time to look in the mirror and make some changes. Campbell owes the he people of San Antonio a discussion on the future of the state, and she has refused to do that.

The San Antonio Express-News has chosen principle over name recognition. They have chosen progress over regression. They have chosen a candidate that understands the problems of his community, who is fighting for equal opportunity and a better education system for all Texans. They rejected a candidate who believes that party ID alone can bring her to Austin, and hopefully the Express-News has reminded Dr. Campbell that she has not been appointed. Hopefully their endorsement of Courage pushes her to face the voters of San Antonio and tell them why she deserves to be their senator, unless she still has not answered that question herself.  


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  1. Campbell is Unqualified
    Wednesday I listened to a debate between John Courage and Campbell on NPR.  Donna Campbell's defense of vouchers was that “parents are the real judge of how well schools are working so they should be able to use vouchers.”  Unfortunately Ms. Campbell is just as wrong in this area as she is in so many others.  Colleges and ultimately the job market are the real judge of the effectiveness of our education system.  If people like her and Dan Patrick are successful in dismantling our public education system it will have a detrimental effect on our children for decades.

    Ms. Campbell clearly has no qualifications to serve in public office.  She sprinkles her speech with buzz words that sound good but mean absolutely nothing.  She mentions her faith, uses the term 'conservative', and talks about 'American patriots' but she can't give clear details or coherent plans on how to deal with energy, water, education, health care, or immigration.  This is a must election for Democrats.  

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