Texas Senate Showdown: Texas Latino PAC Slams Ted Cruz Before His RNC Speech

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As Ted Cruz prepares to address the Republican National Convention in Tampa tonight, Texas Latino PAC 'One Texas' has a strong video message for Ted Cruz. From Texas Latinos. The real ones, not the hypothetical ones that the mainstream media will talk about tonight being in awe of Ted Cruz.

The crisp video highlights Cruz's opposition to so many important to Texas Latinos – a grocery list, really – like the Dream Act, Medicare, and Social Security. OneTexas also slams Cruz for playing racial politics in the primary, when he fired up Republican crowds by talking about his efforts to ensure that Texas could kill illegal immigrants, and deny citizenship to “illegals” – a racist term for a category that has included some of America's soldiers at some point in their lives.

“Even though your supporters say you're not engaging in racial politics, we have some news for you – we're not just a “race” – we're 38% of the population and we're growing by the day! We want leaders who will hard decisions and smart decisions for the future. Clearly, you're not that leader. Latinos know a mentira [liar]when they see one.

What a great hit. Watch the video:

OneTexas's press release:


In anticipation of Ted Cruz' speech tonight at the Republican National Convention,  One Texas releases a video to give the Republican Senatorial Candidate a few pointers on his Anti-Latino positions.

To view the video visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…

Austin, TX – Today, in anticipation of the Republican National Convention, One Texas PAC released a video highlighting U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz' extreme, anti-Latino agenda.

Representative Trey Martinez Fischer, Founder of One Texas said, “The Republican Party has been racing to the right and has already jumped off the ideological cliff. It is clear that Republicans think it is more important to attend tea-party rallies than confront the real challenges facing our country. Over the past week, voters have heard from Congressman Todd Akin who has a shocking attitude towards rape, pregnancy, and women's health care and Tom Head, a Texas county judge in Lubbock, who fears of an invasion of his county by United Nations troops, should President Obama be reelected. The nation has been crying out against these Republicans. Tonight, voters should be equally concerned when they hear from U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz, the supposed rising Latino political star of the Republican ranks. Ted Cruz' positions against Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and the Dream Act are not only ideologically extreme, they are downright anti-Latino, and they fail every American.”

To view the video visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…


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