Texas Tech Student Democrats Call for Resignation of Lubbock Co. Judge Tom Head

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The Tech Student Democrats condemn the outlandish and fear mongering claims made by Lubbock County Judge Tom Head that the reelection of President Obama would lead to large scale civil unrest, and the President would “send in U.N. troops” to Lubbock County.

His statements are not fitting of a trusted elected official and come on the heel of Republican Congressman Todd Akin's disgusting remarks regarding “legitimate rape”. We have even heard similar conspiracy theories on the U.N. from U.S. Senate Republican candidate Ted Cruz. This kind of talk is only meant to scare people and detracts from having productive conversations about our problems and find reasonable possible solutions. It is unfortunate that this seems to have become a pattern and is tolerated in today's Republican Party.

Judge Head has restored to these scare tactics trying to justify a tax increase, instead of engaging the citizens in an honest dialogue. He has lost the trust of the people and his impartiality when he began to spout off extraordinary fantasies. It is due to this Judge Head no longer has the ability to effectively govern.

We stand with the Lubbock County Democratic Party in calling for Judge Tom Head's immediate resignation.


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  1. Free speech and free response
    You have to give Tom Head credit.  It takes talent to make Todd Akin look reasonable by comparison! The free speech issues raised by the two crazies speaking out are pretty much the same.  Here's my take:

  2. Both men have the right to speak their minds without fear of legal consequences. That's what free speech means.
  3. The rest of us have to right — maybe the duty — to call them beyond-the-pale crazy extremists who are unfit for public office.
  4. We also have the right to point out all the other crazies who hold similar views (hello, Ted Cruz!) but who know better than to give us such juicy quotes.
  5. We can, and should, call for the crazies to step down. (But don't hold your breath waiting for them to do so.)
  6. We can, and should, call out those “mainstream” politicians who are too timid to take on the crazies, and we should use Head and Akin as issues against them. That's the only way to really get to somebody like Tom Head. When the rest of the Lubbock Republicans start shunning him (the way that national Republicans are shunning Akin) people like him will go away. (Or at least lose the next election.)
  7. We don't need more laws, or yet another Constitutional Amendment. We do need a better public conscience. Three cheers to the Tech Student Democrats for doing their part.  

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