Primary Mapping: Congressional District 10, Travis County (D)

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Tawana CadienToday's map in our primary mapping series is a partial map, that of the 10th Congressional District that is inside Travis County. This race featured Tawana Cadien and William “Bill” Miller, Jr.

The color scale divides the % share of the vote into six categories from dark orange to dark purple for the winning and losing candidates respectively, leaving three color densities for each candidate based on the share of the vote they received in the precinct. The breaks denote every 1/6th of the vote or 17%, 33%, 50%, 67%, and 83% to reflect not only the winner of a precinct but also the margin so as to highlight voting patterns across the county more easily. Precincts in red indicate no votes cast- most of these are fragmented precincts from congressional redistricting.

Takeaways: Tawana Cadien won the entirety of the 10th District by a 57-43 margin and her win in Travis County helped propel her to the nomination. The 10th District, which still stretches from Austin to Houston, crossed the northern parts of Travis County. Miller won 3 precincts in Travis County for a net gain of 7 votes, with 1 tied county, and the rest lost to Cadien. Cadien's strongest support was in the mostly Anglo liberal north-central neighborhoods of Austin as well as northeastern precincts, though she successfully won across a broad spectrum of precincts. She now faces incumbent GOP Congressman McCaul.

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  1. 57-43 is disappointing,
    considering that her opponent stopped campaigning, and that Cadien got everybody's endorsement by default.

    That's not a knock on Tawana Cadien in any way. It's a knock on the electorate that chose almost randomly between two names — one that sounds black and female, and one that sounds white and male. (BTW, what was the pattern of voting outside Travis County?)

    Cadien is a good candidate with a good message, but she faces a big challenge in just being heard. Go to her website and help her out.

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