Republican Challenger to Sen. Kirk Watson Withdraws from Race

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On Monday, Mike Ward of the Austin American-Statesman reported that Guy Fieldler, the GOP nominee in SD-14 against incumbent Senator Kirk Watson, announced his withdrawl from the race. Watson will now face Libertarian Ryan Dixon on the November ballot.

Fieldler was quoted as saying, “You just saw what (U.S. Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid did to (presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt) Romney. Rather than subject my family to that kind of campaign, I decided not to continue my candidacy.”

His full statement is below the fold.  

“I'm not a politician, a lawyer, polished or smooth; I am deeply concerned, angry, sincere and honest. My political beliefs are quite simple: Our greatest treasure is freedom; the reasonable absence of restraints on our ability to think and act as we choose.

“With freedom comes responsibility; our freedoms MUST not usurp the freedoms of those around us and we must personally accept the consequences of our choices.

“I have sought the advice and counsel from past and present political figures, family, trusted and respected friends; the advice is the same. You cannot win if you run a honest campaign. As badly as I want to shake the Tree of Liberty and as sincerely as I want to return power to the people; I am not prepared to compromise my integrity. I am told that the voters prefer pleasant lies to unpleasant truths. I refuse to tell voters “what they want to hear”, if the reality is different; I will not put “spin” on the facts; I will not tell “half truths”; I refuse to say things with the intent of misinforming or misleading the voters to garner support.

“As it appears I have no chance of winning unless I am willing to set aside my integrity, I will not waste valuable and limited resources and will not campaign for the office of Texas Senate District 14. If someday the voters demand that their elected servants be held to a higher standard, I remain available. Until then, I pray that God will watch over this great State, exceptional Nation and protect us from career politicians.”


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