Dr. Donna is Afraid of Columnists

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In her continued quest to replace Jeff Wentworth as the state senator from Senate District 25, Dr. Donna Campbell is unveiling a new interview policy.

In an email to San Antonio Express-News metro columnist, Brian Chasnoff, a spokesman for Campbell denied a request for an interview because “it is the campaign's policy not to accept interview requests with opinion columnists.” The spokesman continued, “I am sure you can understand the value in this distinction.” Yes, we can all see how valuable this distinction is, at least to Donna Campbell's campaign.

The Campbell campaign understands that the best way for her to end up in the legislature is for her to never leave her house before November. The last thing Donna Campbell needs is an interview with somebody who is allowed to express an opinion on her radical views, including her staunch opposition to abortion rights even in the case of rape or incest.

Interestingly, there appears to be a caveat in the campaign policy saying that opinion columnists would be denied requests “in most cases.” It is clear that Campbell's policy basically amounts to avoiding tough interviews where the doctor might accidently show how emphatically unqualified she is to represent SD-25.

Defeating Jeff Wentworth in the Republican Primary was a pretty straightforward task. Campbell simply had to employ the Ted Cruz strategy: run as far to the right as possible and declare your opponent a “moderate” by comparison.

This strategy won't work on general election opponent John Courage, but unfortunately she is hiding from him as well.  Democrat John Courage wrote a letter to Campbell requesting they participate in a series of 12 forums- two in each of the counties that make up Senate District 25. To nobody's shock, Campbell declined.

Donna Campbell is hiding from her opponent, from columnists, and from the voters of San Antonio and Austin that make up SD-25. Courage will likely continue to put the pressure on Campbell to engage in a thoughtful discourse on the issues, but until she sees a political advantage in doing so, she will continue her campaign strategy: duck and hide.  


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  1. Dr Campbell
    Dr. Campbell apparently doesn't know or doesn't care about election law.  Her campaign signs are still up and presumably will stay up until November.  A complaint with the Secretary of State's office would be in order though the chances that any action would be taken against a GOP candidate in Texas are slim to none.  When I moved in this district two months ago I was so happy to leave an area represented by Randy Weber (R-Pearland), an ethically-challenged man who lied on the floor of the House in an effort to damage Planned Parenthood.

    Now I find myself with an opportunity to vote against one of the worst candidates for public office in recent memory.  Ms. Campbell's philosophy of 'cut first ask questions later' is a recipe for disaster.  She touts herself as a “Woman of faith”.  I believe her only faith is that voters are ignorant enough to vote for an unqualified candidate whose only attribute is that she panders to TEA Party principles.

    In addition, Ms. Campbell's use of the title “Dr.” is a misuse of her medical credentials.  She is grossly inadequate as a candidate and as a human being to serve, even in a legislature as deeply flawed as this states.

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