Perry Defends Status Quo in Wake of College Station Shooting

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Today, two more innocent people have been tragically killed in a shooting in College Station. Reports indicate that the shooter used a semi-automatic weapon in his killing of Constable Brian Bachmann, who was delivering an eviction notice, and an unidentified citizen. Four others were injured and the gunman was shot and taken to custody by officers. He later died from injuries. Today's shooting joins the shootings in Aurora and Milwaukee as the third major shooting incident in less than a month.

In response to the horrific situation, Governor Rick Perry appeared on Fox News to express his continued objection to gun control:

“When it gets back to this issue of taking guns away from law-abiding citizens somehow that's gona make our country safer, I don't agree with that, I think most people in Texas certainly don't agree with that- and that's a state by state issue frankly that should be decided in the state's and not again a rush to Washington DC to centralize the decision making and them to decide what is in the best interest of the citizens of Florida or for Texas, that's for the people of these states to decide.  And Texas I will suggest to you by and large a majority of them, a large majority of them believe that law abiding men and women should be able to have their weapons and the criminals are never going to listen to the law, they're always gonna have weapons, whatever source they want, whether they're legal or illegal.  And I think it's wise for the people of the state of Texas to be able to defend themselves when there is a law breaker that comes into their midst with a weapon.”

The Governor's response is disappointing, though unsurprising. Nobody is suggesting “taking away guns from law-abiding citizens.” Nobody is suggesting that we raid the homes of innocent people checking their night stands for hand guns. We need reasonable laws and regulations on guns, like we do for cars. Furthermore Perry's defense of the status quo because “most people in Texas” agree with him is not a rational for complacency. Sometimes a leader must do what is unpopular for the safety and good of the masses.  Simply bowing our heads in silence and moving on is not showing these victims respect, and letting this shooting be another forgotten tragedy is inexcusable. Continued inaction is unacceptable and even Governor Perry must accept that some changes have to be made. More efficient background checks and banning of high powered assault weapons is the start. It's time for Perry and the other leaders of this country to stand up to the NRA and lead. Unfortunately in an election year, I wouldn't hold your breath.  


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