Texans Deserve a Debate Between Paul Sadler & Ted Cruz

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We now know that Paul Sadler is going to be our candidate for the U.S. Senate race.  We also know that Ted Cruz is the Republican candidate.  A Tea Party candidate no less.  There are a lot more sane people in Texas than the Tea Party.  Texans need to know what they would be getting with Ted Cruz.

We don't need a repeat of the 2010 Governor's race when Rick Perry refused to debate his Democratic opponent. Texans didn't get all the information they needed in order to make an informed decision. We didn't get a sense of where each candidate stood on issues that matter to Texans. People ended up not knowing why their vote counts. Why vote? Texas ranked 50th in 2010 with a 32% voter turnout. Rick Perry was reelected by less than 20% of registered voters.

We need to get our voters out to vote.  One way is to let them know that they have a choice.  Paul Sadler.  A debate is a great way to do it.  I have started a petition to the League of Women Voters asking them to step up and organize a debate.  Please go and sign the petition.  It will let them know that people are interested.





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  1. Texans Deserve a Debate between Sadler & Cruz
    I think the writer is behind the eight-ball on this subject for Republican Ted Cruz has long since agreed to debate Democrat Paul Sadler.

    Additionally, the writer's supposition that Former Solicitor General Cruz could possibly repeat Governor Rick Perry's no debate decision of 2010 is rather comical.  The inference tells Texans the writer has obviously not done his/her homework for the Former Solicitor General Cruz attended/participated in every debate and/or forum throughout the primary and runoff.  Lt. Governor David Dewhurst (commonly referred to as “Ducking Dewhurst”) skipped over 30 debates with Cruz.

    Game on, Sadler! Obamacare supporters are not too popular in the Lone Star State.  

  2. PS
    The writer might wish to review Democratic Paul Sadler's twitter page (@Sadlertx).  On August 3, Sadler's twitter page posted that Republican Ted Cruz has agreed to debate.

  3. Ted Cruz is a Republican
    Hmmm.  Republicans are notorious for backing out of agreements such as doing debates.  We need to keep pressure on him.  Ergo, the petition.  

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