Burnt Orange to Blue: Support Democrats In Must-Win Texas Races

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This cycle, Texas Democrats face a number of crucial races that we at Burnt Orange Report consider must-win for the future of our state. To help these great candidates raise the funds they need to compete and win, today BOR is launching our “Burnt Orange to Blue” fundraising page on ActBlue. Through Labor Day, we'll be adding the most competitive and must-win races to the list, along with a few races where your funds can have an outsized impact on the outcome of the race.

Click here to donate securely to great Democrats in the most important races in our state this cycle!

Today, we're kicking off the list with three Democrats in high-profile races: two pick-up opportunities in Congress and one must-win race in the State House.

Senator Wendy Davis, SD-10: This champion of public education and healthcare stood firm in support of funding our public schools. She's being challenged by a Republican pediatrician who has voted against families and public health at almost every opportunity. Senator Davis is our crucial 12th vote in the Senate. We must return this tremendous leader to the Legislature in January, where she can fight Republican extremism and advocate for sound policies that benefit all Texans.

Pete Gallego, CD-23: This distinguished public servant is making his first run for Congress, and represents an excellent opportunity to oust a terrible Republican and help Democrats take back the US House of Representatives. Gallego faces Republican incumbent Quico Canseco, who votes against first responders and hobnobs with lobbyists rather than deal with constituents' concerns. Help Pete Gallego win this sprawling west Texas majority-Latino district.

Nick Lampson, CD-14: This former representative has a distinguished record of constituent service in Congress. Now he's running in a radically redrawn 14th district anchored in his native Beaumont. This is a huge pick-up opportunity for Democrats in Texas, and Lampson is running a strong campaign. Give Nick Lampson the resources he needs to defeat right-winger Randy Weber.

All money donated through ActBlue flows directly to the candidates. Donate securely online. Can't give a lot? Then make it a recurring donation, so our Democratic candidates have the funds they need to make it through to November. Now that the primaries are behind us, it's time to get down to business of winning these crucial races.

We will be adding more candidates to this list over the next month, and we'll even have a chance for you to vote your favorite candidate into the list, so keep an eye on BOR to help your top Democrats win.

Click here to support our Burnt Orange to Blue candidates today!


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  1. Love Orange to Blue
    I really like what BOR is doing with the Orange to Blue races.  I think you are spot on with the competitive races you have selected.  I have contributed to many of these candidates and will continue to donate as I can.

    I noticed that Texan Post also has an article profiling these same three Democratic candidates.  It's worth checking out http://www.texanpost.com/2012/

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