Paul Sadler With an Introduction Ad: “The Spirit of Texas”

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Paul Sadler, one in just a great line of Texas public officials and now the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate, was quick to produce an advertisement introducing himself to voters. It is ultimately important for them to remember that Ted Cruz, only victorious in his primary thanks to vigorous attacks on a more moderate candidate, is not the only option.

He reminds Texans what every observer saw at Scholz or elsewhere in the state as Republicans with Cruz shirts celebrated so fully on Tuesday night: “They think you don't matter. They think your vote doesn't count.”

Now's the time to begin pushing Paul Sadler. For every critical line you have seen about Paul Sadler's political prowess on this blog or elsewhere, the difference between him and Ted Cruz is light and day. He'd write much better policy and give much more effective representation than the current Republican option. Further, Sadler is exactly what most Americans think Congress is missing: a common-sense and empathetic fellow citizen who doesn't care about ruffling the feathers of his party or another. Now's the time to throw aside any qualms. Now's the time to fight.


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