Texas Not a Battleground? Obama: “That's Going to be Changing Soon”

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When national Democrats come to Texas for our money, they often insist that our state is more than their ATM. These claims now go all the way to the top, with President Obama's quick yet important aside in San Antonio on Tuesday when talking about Mitt Romney:

Let me just say this. You know, in the next four months, you guys won't see him, because you're not considered one of the battleground states, although that's going to be changing soon. [applause]

The president has said so, and he has some pretty good political minds around him all the time. If you did not already believe it, believe it now.

How soon is simply up to us. State chair Gilberto Hinojosa announced in a blast email, “This should serve as a call to action,” and it should. In 2009, Howard Dean “guaranteed” that Obama would win Texas in 2012, though no one seems to think that will happen now. If we take these statements as rallying cries rather than compliments to make us giddy, however, change will come.

Eventually, national Democratic money will pour into Texas instead of Texas money pouring out nationally. California millionaires will not give heavily to the cause, however, until they see victory on the horizon, so let's bring it there.

If you gave money to see the president this week but have not given to a local state House candidate, you still have plenty of time to do so. And if you weren't already going to make calls to your fellow Texans come September, October, and early November, you better plan to do so now. You can even call your fellow Texans about Obama, thanks to the coolest organizing tool on the block, The Dashboard. For the first time in my memory, a Democratic presidential campaign  has enabled us to call our fellow Texans at any suitable time of our choosing. I'll be taking advantage of that; will you?

It's time to beam, because the president has recognized our chance for success. But after smiling at the revelation that Texas is “going to be changing soon,” let's ask ourselves “How soon?” and then get to work.  


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