Um, Did a Texas Republican just openly raise taxes?

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Ok, Kids, now bear with me hear, but I am going to say something totally crazy:

Susan Combs, a state-wide elected Texas official and Republican, just tried to raise taxes.…

The article pertains to an attempt to change in practice in which Texans will now have to pay sales tax for items bought via Amazon.  In pertinent part:

It would also mean thousands of Texans would have to start paying tax on the electronics, clothes and other items they buy from Amazon – just as they do when they go to the mall or local Walmart.

Such a practice only makes sense and does present a fairer playing field.  I cannot fault Ms. Combs for that.  

My question for the BOR readers:

Can anybody think of an example, say corporate or business taxes, in which Ms. Combs was not as zealous in collecting?  

My point – is she being politically selective in making sure the State collects taxes from Amazon, meanwhile looking the other way when other more politically potent organizations have tax debts here in Texas.  

Think hard and write well (at least better than I do) if you come up with something.  

Yours in Texas,



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