Former President of UT College Republicans Lied About Being a Student

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On November 16th of last year, University of Texas College Republicans President Lauren Pierce tweeted about how President Obama deserves to be killed: “Y'all as tempting as it may be, don't shoot Obama. We need him to go down in history as the WORST president we've EVER had! #2012.”

In doing so, she destroyed her own reputation, deeply injured that of the College Republicans, and shamed the university on the national stage. Now, we learn that there's a big cherry on top of Pierce's revolting cake: she was lying about being a UT student while she was president.

The Daily Texan reports that Pierce was not enrolled at UT last semester, and actively lied about her enrollment status to other students. Cesar Villarreal, the organization's former public relations director, told the newspaper that Pierce would discuss the classes she was in, the professors she had and what was going on in her life academically. The College Republicans discovered that Pierce was lying about her academic status when she was barred from registering the group for an event space on campus. Pierce has since had to leave the group.

Cassie Wright, Pierce's successor as president, gave an awful analysis of the implications of this discovery for Pierce's tweet: “It goes to show how much pressure she was under as a person,” Wright said. So, Pierce was under pressure because she was lying to everyone about her academic status and as a result we should forgive her public racism? Nice try, Cassie. Actually, awful try. Pierce's decision to lie on a massive scale does not make her violent rhetoric against the president any less abhorrent, or lessen its impact. The public humiliation brought upon the College Republicans by Pierce is irrevocable, and was soon deepened by Wright's own vile excretion: “My president is black. He smokes a lot of crack. Holla. #2012 #Obama”.

Sadly, it's no surprise at all that Pierce is a liar – or that Wright would continue to defend her predecessor months after the incident. The Republican Party is composed of bald-faced liars, from their nominee to their leaders on one of America's largest college campuses. Aside from lies, violent rhetoric is matched only by racist rhetoric as cornerstones of the GOP's anti-Obama playbook. The College Republicans cover the whole spectrum.

For shame.


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