Burnt Orange Report Endorsements: CD-22: KP George

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KP George is the only real Democrat in the primary for CD-22. We beg and beseech voters in the district to vote for George.

KP George is the best Democratic candidate in CD-22, and for the sake of the entire Democratic ticket we urge you to vote for him in the primary.

George is worthy of your vote on his own merits. His personal story is one of achieving the American dream: he was born in a village in India that has no running water or electricity. He earned a college education and came to the US to work in business, and worked hard to start his own financial planning business. He is active in philanthropic and community causes, determined to help others achieve the same successes. He is running a strong campaign emphasizing how Republicans in Congress are trying to destroy those same opportunities. George is running a spirited, grassroots campaign. Additionally, he represents the rapidly growing Asian population in the greater Houston area, a population which is rapidly trending Democratic. He would be an excellent standard bearer for the Democratic ticket this November.

This race is important for larger issues surrounding how the Democratic Party functions. George's opponent, Ke$ha Rogers, was the Democratic nominee in the district last cycle, and caused a world of headaches for the Fort Bend Democratic Party and other candidates on the ballot. Rogers is a LaRouchie, she openly calls for Obama's impeachment, she makes YouTube videos she claims don't call for the president's assassination (should this even be a question that a “Democrat's” videos merit asking?!). Her nomination last year caused so much heartburn locally that the State Democratic Executive Committee voted that Democratic entities are released from supporting LaRouchies that make it onto the Democratic ticket.

Don't make the same mistake twice! George is a good Democrat, a credible candidate, and won't foul the waters for the other Democrats in Fort Bend county — a county that is rapidly trending blue and should be focused on mobilizing voters, not handling an unruly LaRouchie that soils the party brand.

We unanimously and enthusiastically endorse KP George for CD-22. We beseech you to vote for George and to tell any and all friends in the district to do likewise.

Endorsements are made based on a weighted consensus of the staff, which guides the type and tone of endorsement. Members of the Burnt Orange Report staff employed by campaigns abstain from voting on those races.


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  1. Shades of Joe McCarthy
    Well, this is cute. Burnt Orange makes a totally baseless and slanderous accusation against Kesha Rogers, charging that she wants to assassinate Obama. So she denies the accusation. Then BO coyly writes “should this even be a question that a “Democrat's” videos merit asking?!” The obvious point to be made here is that the question does not merit asking, but BO asks it anyway, using sleazebag tactics worthy of some basement-dwelling teenage Wikipedian.

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