Want to find out if your local SBOE candidate is a lunatic? Here's how.

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The Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) just launched teachthevote.org, a useful website to help you learn where candidates for the Legislature and the State Board of Education stand on public education issues.

ATPE does a lot of nonpartisan advocacy to fully fund public education, reduce classroom size, get better benefits for teachers and make schools safer, to name of a few of their issues.  Though they don't formally endorse candidates, they do let you know where each of the candidates stands on public education issues.  

The site lets you search by district maps or by typing in your address to see who's running in your area.  There's a profile for each candidate, which includes bios, responses to a survey, etc.  So, for instance, one of the questions in the survey asks, “Under what circumstances should the State Board of Education be able to reject a textbook?”  It's now that easy to find out if your local candidates are of the “if it has factual errors” camp or the “if it acknowledges non-Christian viewpoints or does not adequately emphasize patriotism” camp.  

According to ATPE State President Cheryl Buchanan:

“If the people we elect to represent us do not actively support our public schools, they do not support our children,” said. “Our state legislators cut $5.4 billion from public school funding last session. We desperately need to elect pro-public education candidates… Turning out to support candidates who are public education-friendly during the primary election is especially important because many primary winners will face no general election opponent.”

Teach on, teachers.  


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