Tina Cannon Doubles Down Against Austin's Landmark CPC Ordinance

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Bad news for Tina Cannon: Texans for Lawsuit Refom doesn't tend to play in Austin City Council elections.  

Tina Cannon, a challenger in Place 5, continues to say troubling things about her opposition to Austin's landmark Crisis Pregnancy Center ordinance. The ordinance, which passed unanimously, requires CPC's to disclose if there are no licensed medical professionals on site. As we previously reported, Cannon attacked Spelman for his work to pass the ordinance at the RECA luncheon, under a guise of opposing lawsuits that “cost taxpayer money.”

In response to our post, Cannon reiterated her opposition to the CPC ordinance on her website:

I think the CPC ordinance is a mistake for two reasons. The constitutionality issue I've already discussed above. In addition, I find it “curious” that the Professor feels that women are ignorant on the subject of choice. He actually believes that women don't know what to expect (and not expect) when they walk into a faith based pregnancy center vs. a Planned Parenthood. Really??? Assuming that we don't know the difference is insulting to all women, regardless of their socio-economic or ethnic background.

Eeek! Ok. Let's rebut this.

  • The new ordinance was written to stand up in court. It was crafted in light of recent court cases, specifically to address the legal issues raised by the Catholic Diocese and the CPC's. It was written to stand up in court.
  • The excellent lawyers representing the City are working pro bono, so no taxpayer dollars are being “wasted” standing up for our pro-choice values. Thank you, excellent female attorneys fighting for the rights of women of Austin!
  • Unfortunately, Cannon is wrong about CPC's. Many women don't know the difference between CPC's and true medical facilities, because the CPC's spend millions on advertising in order to appear more “medical.” They deliberately draw in pregnant women only to fail to inform them of all of their choices, and intimidate them into not seeking an abortion.
  • CPC's provide women with medically incorrect information to scare them into not choosing to terminate a pregnancy. On NARAL's website, they write: “Despite a wealth of reputable research that prove otherwise, CPCs continue to claim that abortion causes an increased risk for breast cancer, affects future fertility, and causes long-term psychological effects. The majority of CPCs are also against the use of hormonal birth control, strongly encourage abstinence until marriage, and, in some cases, provide misinformation about the safety and reliability of birth control.”
  • This ordinance can provide a model for other cities and communities looking to inform women about what CPC's are up to, and prevent them from intimidating and misleading women.

Anyone who is as pro-choice as Cannon claims she is should examine the facts about CPC's and the terrible tricks they pull on pregnant women before opposing this ordinance.

In the Austin American-Statesman, Cannon reiterated her opposition to the CPC ordinance and the payday lending ordinance, which regulates these unscrupulous lenders. Payday lenders charge brutally high interest rates — some as high as 300%! — and trap low-income Austinites further into a cycle of debt and poverty from which they often cannot escape. Cannon said,

“It assumes the woman who walks into a Catholic organization won't understand the church's positions … and that people who use payday lenders don't understand what they're doing,” Cannon said. “He's legislating from the dais instead of paying attention to his basic job.”

I wish Cannon were right, and that all women knew the truth about CPC's. The fact is, many don't. Many don't even realize that places such as the “Austin Pregnancy Resource Center” and the “South Austin Pregnancy Resource Center” are actually ideological agents hell-bent on exercising an anti-woman, anti-choice agenda. As for the payday lenders, they're unscrupulous enterprises that prey on our vulnerable and needy populations, and many people indeed do not know what they're getting into when they walk in the door.  

Folks, if you support the CPC ordinance or the payday lending ordinance, please let your friends know about this before they vote.


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Katherine Haenschen is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas, where she studies political participation on digital media. She previously managed successful candidate, issue, voter registration, and GOTV campaigns in Central Texas. She is also a fan of UCONN women's basketball and breakfast tacos.


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    Anytime you guys ever want to actually call me, text me or even email me for a REAL interview, I am all yours. What kind of “reporting” is this when you NEVER contact the person you are writing about? Or are you just a pro-Spelman shop?

    When you are ready for a conversation I am all yours.


    Tina Cannon


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