Ted Paul for US Senate?

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On Facebook today, US Senate Candidate Ted Cruz shared about his next big event.  


That's right, everyone. It's Ted Cruz and the Pauls.

Ted Cruz is already gaining steady steam, according to polls, in the Republican Primary for the United States Senate. And to try and overtake Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz has decided to double down on the crazy.  By appearing with Congressmen Ron and Rand Paul as the headlines to a Tea Party Express event, Ted cruz is saying loud and clear, "Fellow Texas Republicans, I think you want the most backwards government possible, and I'm right there with you. I'm Ted Paul, and I approve this message."  

Who's to say if he eventually succeeds Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, but that this is seen as a worthwhile political play for a Texas Republican primary candidate proves the sad state of affairs of TexasRepublicans.  

Every day it is clearer.  They don't want to become your elected officials in order to improve government. They want to become your elected officials in order to strip government down as much as possible. It's Ron, Rand, and Ted [Cruz] Paul. Or, as they say about everywhere else: Crazytown.  


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