Cargill's buddy mocks fallen officer.

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If you view the Michael Cargill for Constable website you will see a video where he uses Debbie Russell as a vocal endorser. This is on the front page of his campaign site.   This is the lady that posted the horrible comments about Officer Jaime Padron after his death.  My point being that this is the type of people he is surrounding himself with, and he wants to lead officers who risk losing thier lives yet his frineds mock them.  Please, all of you get out and vote just be aware there is a snake in the grass that will bite you if elected and its name is Michael Cargill. “Your friends are a reflection of yourself”

Also the other guy Kris Bailey is a Tea-pot party candidate. How are you going to stop drugs when your supporters are pro-drugs.  

All I am saying is something stinks and I hope you all smell it.…

Mike Levy, an outspoken member of the Austin Public Safety Commission believes there is another explanation.

“They don't like cops. That's what we saw in that posting,” said Levy.

He blasted Russell in an e-mail he sent her. Levy believes the incident not only exposes her true feelings, but her lack of credibility.

“And she has led a band of people, a very small group, who have tried to undermine the police department, undermine a great Police Chief, Art Acevedo, and compromise the safety of everybody in the community and its wrong,” said Levy


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