NewsTaco's Latino News Roundup: Latina Salaries, The Latino Paradox and Swing Votes In N. Carlina

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Equal Pay For Latinas Stuck In The 1960's

Although, some small gains have been made, today, women earn 77 cents to men's dollar, but Latinas only earn 57 cents. Do we need another piece of legislation or can we as a society make a bigger impact in our Latino community?

Opinion:Nielsen Sings Praises Of Latino Market, Finally

Latinos have been saying that for years, but now that Nielsen has said it, it must be true. I guess we should be grateful for that. But a larger part of my brain asks why?

Nebraska Upholds Prenatal Care For Undocumented

And although the law had to do with health care and prenatal attention, there were obvious underlying issues at hand – immigration being the most obvious, abortion being more inferred.

My Mother, The Most Unfortunate Pilgrim

There I was in my Le Tigre shirt and Payless shoes, looking at a globe wondering what ocean my mom and dad crossed with their turkeys and belt buckle hats.

The Latino Paradox: Tradition vs Identity

The problem is not how Latinos chose to identify, it's how we're expected to do so – the choice of boxes we're given to check.

The Focus For The Latino Vote Will Be: North Carolina?

It's not all Latinos that the candidates need to convince, it's just a very small number of them in Virginia and more importantly North Carolina. If they can convince those Latinos, and by convincing them win those states, they tip the overall balance.


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