Democratic Delegates, Ahoy: Texas County Conventions Tomorrow!

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Due to the screwed up nature of our primary calendar this year (thanks, Greg Abbott and Republican redistricting gerrymander!) our State Senate conventions will be held tomorrow, Saturday April 21 even though we haven't had our primary yet.

Democrats who want to be delegates to the State and / or National Convention should start the process by attending their Senate District convention tomorrow. Each precinct will elect 1 delegate to the State Convention for every 300 votes Bill White got in the precinct for Governor in the General Election. Precincts where Bill White did not get 300 votes are paired with other precincts to make a “grouping” where they are entitled to at least 1 delegate and alternate. Precinct caucuses can elect whoever they want.

The delegates and alternates elected at the County/Senate District Convention then go to the State Convention. The State Convention will be held on June 7, 8 and 9 in Houston, Texas. Delegates and alternates elected at the State Convention will go to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina which will be held September 3-6, 2012. Texas will send 288 delegates and 22 alternates to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Click here for a list of all county conventions in Texas tomorrow.

The Texas Democratic Party put out the following press statement to help explain this process:

On Saturday, April 21, Democrats across Texas will gather for County and Senate District Conventions to select delegates to the State Convention and conduct other important Party business. In counties with more than one Senate District, each Senate District will hold its own convention.  Click here for a full list of convention times and locations. Anyone who was registered to vote in Texas as of March 22, 2012 and who signs an oath of affiliation with the Democratic Party is eligible to vote at their local convention.

“It's important for Democrats who want to express their positions on issues and help shape our Party platform to attend these conventions,” said TDP spokesperson Rebecca Acuña. “We encourage all Democrats to join us Saturday at their local Democratic Convention and make their voice heard.”

County/Senate District Conventions present the first opportunity for a person to vote for his/her presidential preference in 2012. The County and Senate District Conventions also elect delegates to attend the State Convention in Houston in June.  Those delegates will adopt our state platform, elect party officers and other members of the State Democratic Executive Committee, and elect delegates and alternates to represent Texas at the Democratic National Convention where we will nominate our candidate for President.

Click here to see which district you're in. For more information about the conventions, please consult the frequently asked questions on our website.

Here in Travis County, you can pre-register for the convention to speed up check-in.

If other counties have pre-registration efforts, please post them in the comments. Also, any sample resolutions or anything else y'all are cooking up, please feel free to share that as well.  


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