Seeking co-conspirators for Saturday's conventions

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I am pushing a couple of resolutions this year and hope some of the Texas Progressive Alliances' bloggers would be willing to share them with their friend who are going to Saturday's county conventions.

Complete Election Consolidation Act

Indigent Health Care Improvements ActThe Complete Election Consolidation Act is designed to get a law passed during the next session of the legislature which will eliminate the loopholes in the current Election Consolidation Act.

The Indigent Health Care Improvements Act is designed to keep the assholes on a few Hospital District boards from ignoring current legislation since there isn't any effective administrative oversight of these boards.

I have found multiple instances where these boards set up legally unsupportable rules and regulations as well as additional roadblocks when the poorest members of their communities ask them to do the job our Constitution and Laws require them to do.

I have also seen evidence to show that there are some boards who use a legal loophole to cut the services they are required to offer by purposely underfunding the programs to cut the property tax rate.  


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